Karolina is the the daughter of Noelle. She, Noelle and Pisca came to the farm, rescued from being euthanized. Their caretaker used them for their wool and could no longer afford their upkeep.



Noelle is the mother of Karolina. These gentle animals, although shy of humans, enjoy mingling with the sheep or wandering along the nature trail.



Pisca is the leader of the girls. She is a bit more independent of the other two alpacas. Alpacas make a variety of sounds. Most alpacas generally make a humming sound. Hums are often comfort noises, letting the other alpacas know they are present and content.



Star arrived at the farm from his previous home just in time for Christmas 2013. This beautiful animal was a resident of Nantucket Island, but his owners were no longer able to care for him. He, and his goat friend Hera, were able to make the journey to their new home, here at Winslow Farm, just in time to celebrate Christmas with their new family.

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