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Gracie came to Winslow Farms with Jezabel the donkey. The person they lived with was away a great deal of the time and felt that the two animals were not getting enough attention. Gracie was very protective of Jezabel and felt more comfortable staying close to the donkey for the first couple of months after arriving.


Mervin and his brother King, were young master escape artists. For their protection, after escaping one too many times, they came to live at Winslow Farm. Mervin chose to bunk with the sheep. He was incredibly affectionate and sweet.


Shiloh was a retired show horse originally from upstate New York. He has had many homes and was harshly trained most of his life. Shiloh was claustrophobic because he rarely was let out of his stall. His owners wanted to keep him clean so he would appear spotless for when being shown.


Athena was marooned on the 495 and 95 median strip and lived there on her own for 18 months. No one really knows how she came to be there. There was a five month effort to have the sheep rescued. There was great concern she would wander into the busy interstate traffic. Finally, she was rescued by the Boston Animal Rescue League. Athena came to the farm with Gulliver, the goat.


Murray's previous owner was not home to let him out during the day or spend time with him, she decided to surrender him to the farm. He was elderly, partially deaf and had arthritis, but there were days when he seemed like a pup. He ran and played with the volunteers, loved to go on walks through the nature trail. Murray loved people.


Liam was a small gray and white goat. His caretaker was an elderly woman who kept him in a stall with a horse. She was fearful to let him out of the stall because he might escape and not be caught. Liam was confined to this small area for the first 8 months of his life. He would try to leap up to get free. With barely any contact, he became feral. Realizing his quality of life was poor, he was brought to the farm where he had thrived.

ANGELINA was found on the streets of Cranston, RI. She liked hanging out with the other cats at the resource center.


Cotton was rescued from the Swansea Meat auction. He was two weeks old. His mother had been slaughtered. The day of the auction, he was caged in an area so small, he and his sibling had no room to move around. They had not been fed all day. Cotton was purchased originally by a man, but he realized caring for the two week old goat was too much of a challenge. He still needed to be bottle fed. He is now receiving the best of care.


Walnut arrived in October 2015, along with Maple, a female alpaca. She is 15 years old. She and Maple could no longer be looked after by their elderly caretakers and were brought to the farm. Walnut does have arthritis in her legs.

PUEBLO liked to sleep in the water fountain.


Koda is a white, Lionhead rabbit was accepted into the farm because he was fighting with the rabbits of his previous home.


Ivan was bought by a family as pet for their son when Ivan was a few weeks old. The child was frightened of the young goat’s cries for attention and as a result Ivan was tied up in the basement. Luckily, an electrician doing work in the house found him and Ivan was removed from this bad situation. Ivan then came to Winslow Farm.


Zena is a large 8-year old Toggenburg goat who came to the farm as a result of her owner becoming homeless. Because Zeena was used to living alone, it was quite a change for her to live with many animals.


Lunar was beautiful white and grey,  old welsh connamara pony. She resided at a working stable. Lunar was no longer able to be ridden. She was worn out. Lunar needed a new home. There was no place for her at the stable if she was unable to work.


Enya was born at Bristol County Agricultural school in Dighton, MA. Sadly, her mother died of pneumonia when Enya was only two days old. Needing special care, one of our volunteers suggested placing Enya at Winslow Farm. Enya arrived at Winslow Farm only three days old, and stayed in the main house for five months.


Cubby was abandoned to a shelter when her caretaker developed Alzheimer's. The woman’s family gave the elderly, deaf little dog to the shelter because no one wanted to care for him. Cubby enjoyed the freedom of being outside and loved to take walks along the nature trail.


Opie was bought from a pet store where they said she would not grow anymore than she already was. The owners bought her on a whim and did not take the time to litter train her in the house. Ultimately, she was tossed into a snow bank on the side of the road at 12 weeks of age. She was discovered and brought to Winslow Farm.


Apricot lived with a woman and then she had to move. She could not take Apricot with her. Apricot came to the farm.


Daffodil was 10 years old and lived her life tied up with only a small doghouse and a tarp for shelter. Once at the farm, she enjoyed the freedom of the whole farm. She had a happy last year.


Waterford is a Tamworth pig. He comes from Maine and belonged to a little girl who won him at a pig racing contest held at a local fair. The family took him home but he grew till finally it became a challenge to care for the pig. Winslow Farm offered to take the one-year old pig.

SERGEI was a very handsome, but shy black and white cat.


Howie is a 6 year old Nubian goat. He lived with his 13 year old pygmy goat friend. Sadly, his friend recently died. Howie was desperately lonely and would sleep on the grave of his friend. The decision was made to bring Howie to Winslow Farm to live, so he would never be without companions.


Shepard’s Moon came to Winslow Farm after enduring traumatizing abuse. Shep was beaten in the head with a board by her owner and is extremely fearful of people. She had a baby and it was taken away from her immediately. She had lived in five different homes in a matter of two months.


Paco is about 18 years old. At six months of age, Paco’s former caretakers used an electrical prod when he didn’t understand the command to walk. Winslow Farm rescued him and gently taught him to walk with a halter and a lead rope. Paco was gentle, but also was very protective of the animals on the farm.


Harry and Larry were very handsome fellows. They were packed together without any space to move around. The farm is often a last resort for chickens who can no longer lay eggs or for unwanted roosters.


Pandy was a 15 year old border collie. She had lived with her family for those ten years until they decided to abandon her to the shelter because she was digging holes. She was brought to live at the farm. Pandy had not dug any holes while living here, able to get a lot of exercise playing throw and fetch with all the visitors to the farm, sually with pinecones. Pandy was extremely intelligent and well behaved.


Maple arrived in October 2015, along with Walnut, a female llama. She was 8 years old. She and Walnut could no longer be looked after by their elderly caretakers and were brought to the farm. Maple was the victim of a meningeal worm, which caused damage to her back legs. She could no longer stand.


Evita was feral. She was brought to the farm with Natasha, when her caretaker had to move into assisted living. She was a friendly welcoming presence to all Winslow visitors.


Hallo was confiscated by the federal government because his owner was prosecuted for dealing drugs. He was considered an asset and so he was brought to Winslow Farms to live. He was born on Halloween and so was named Hallo.

SPIRIT was in a cage for over a year, at the cat shelter, and when someone tried to change her water and food, she would hiss, therefore making her unadoptable.


Daisy was one of a herd of sheep belonging to an older man and his daughter. Sadly, the man  died. Daisy was the last of the sheep left and the daughter was unable to handle her care.

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