DAISY is a female muscovy duck. Muscovy ducks originated from Mexico, Central, and South America. Winslow Farm has two female ducks and several male ducks. The females are kept in the avairy to avoid being harassed by the males. Muscovies communicate by wagging their tails and bopping their heads up and down..



Pinti was found as a young chick wandering around the main street in Mansfield. She was rescued and brought to the farm. She was brought up the doves. Once old enough she joined the other chickens.



Lian & Peng are two of the five beautiful Chinese swans residing at the farm. They were going to be eaten. A kind samaritan was determined to save them. She called Winslow Farm and explained if she purchased them, she could save them, but didn’t have the accommodations for them. Lian and Peng, with their three other friends, now enjoy a permanent home at the farm.



Henri is a heritage turkey. Heritage turkeys have beautiful plummage. Henri needed a new home. He is friendly and hangs out with the chickens.



White Pigeons look like doves, but are actually a speciality breed of a homing pigeon. White doves had been used for release during events, but were then left unable to care for themselves. Winslow Farm is home to a number of white pigeons, as well as several doves.



Orion is one of several peacocks, along with peahens, at the farm, but he is the only white peacock. A white peacock is a color variation of the Indian Blue Peacock. He is not an albino peacock, which is a rare occurrence, but he is what is called a leucistic peafowl, meaning he has a reduction in pigment and has blue eyes, not the albino's red or pink eyes. Orion's white plumage makes for a truly elegant and magnificent sight.



Sydney and Aussie were rescued from an emu farm and were going to be slaughtered. Emus are the second largest bird in the world and they are also very fast running birds. They often join in when the horses run. Sydney and Aussie makes calls that consist of loud booming and drumming sounds.

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