Drake and his other duck friend were brought up by a Wheaton student. Unable to care for the ducks, they were brought to live at the farm. Being brought up by a human, they are very friendly with visitors to the farm.



Pinti was found as a young chick wandering around the main street in Mansfield. She was rescued and brought to the farm. She was brought up the doves. Once old enough she joined the other chickens.



Ginnie is a guinea hen. She needed a new home, so she was brought to Winslow Farm. She likes to spend her time at the Resource Center, admiring her reflection in the sliding door.



Happy is one of twelve geese that reside at the farm. Some were abandoned by people, when they decided they didn’t want a goose and released them into the wild. These geese are not able to care for themselves in the wild. They need shelter and food. Happy, along with his friends, enjoy taking occasional swims in Meadowbrook pond.



Jin is one of several pheasants at the farm. He was found in the Toys R Us in North Attleboro parking lot where the local animal shelter caught him and asked if Winslow Farm could take him in. He is a gold pheasant or also known as a Chinese pheasant. Native to China, Jin’s (rhymes with shine) name means literally gold in Chinese.



Orion is one of several peacocks, along with peahens, at the farm, but he is the only white peacock. A white peacock is a color variation of the Indian Blue Peacock. He is not an albino peacock, which is a rare occurrence, but he is what is called a leucistic peafowl, meaning he has a reduction in pigment and has blue eyes, not the albino's red or pink eyes. Orion's white plumage makes for a truly elegant and magnificent sight.



Sydney and Aussie were rescued from an emu farm and were going to be slaughtered. Emus are the second largest bird in the world and they are also very fast running birds. They often join in when the horses run. Sydney and Aussie makes calls that consist of loud booming and drumming sounds.

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