AMETHYST is a feral kitty. She loves sleeping in the new butterfly garden.

ASIA was brought to the farm after a woman successfully trapped her.

ARI came from the Attleboro shelter. No one wanted him and he brought to the farm for a pernanent home.

BLUE was thrown over the fence at the farm.  This handsome fellow is very friendly. He loves attention.

BAILEY is a friendly, long haired cat. Bailey enjoys attention.

BELLA is very playful. Her original caretaker became allergic to her. She lives in the shelter.

BING is Spring’s sibling. He often sleeps on top of the gazebo, nestled among the wisteria.

BLACKFOOT was in an abandoned building as a kitten with her mother. The building was nailed tight but a passerby heard them crying, rescue them and bring them to the farm.

BLIZZARD is often found sleeping in the perennial garden.

CRICKET was dropped at the farm. He likes to sleep on the back porch.

DELIAH was found living near the bunkhouse at the farm. She was obviously dropped off at the farm.

EDWIN is a friendly and playful orange cat. He has recently made friends with Waterford, the pig.

FAUNA was left abandoned in a cat carrier. She is very shy.

HEATHER enjoys hanging out on the stone benches at the farm.

HEMMINGWAY is a handsome Siamese cat. He comes from the Taunton shelter, where nobody wanted him.

MAGGIE came to the farm as a kitten. Poppy, a male cat, adopted her and made sure she had all the food she needed.

MIA came to the farm after she and Tiger Lily's caretakers moved and couldn't take of the two cats.

MOMMY was in an abandoned building in Attleboro with her kitten, Blackfoot. The building was nailed tight but some passer by heard them crying and was able to retrieve them and get them to the farm.

NICO has decided he likes living in the special needs barn with the horses.

OLIVER, along with six other cats was discovered after someone had thrown them over the fence at the farm.

PETEY lives at the resource center with Pumpkin and Peanuts. He is very friendly, greeting visitors.

PHOEBE was abandoned at the farm. She is very friendly, playful and loves attention.

PUEBLO sometimes likes to sleep in the water fountain.

PUMA is a bit shy and feels comfortable living in the cat shelter.

SANTANA is a shy, but beautiful calico kitty.

SERGEI is a very handsome, but shy black and white cat.

SIMBA is a feral kitty, who was rescued and brought to the farm.

PUMPKIN lives at the resource center too. He is a handsome and friendly orange long haired cat.

SPICE was trapped in Dorchester. She had been wandering the streets and was having many litters of kittens. She is a very beautiful, long haired cat.

SPIRIT was in a cage for over a year, at the cat shelter, and when someone tried to change her water and food, she would hiss, therefore making her unadoptable.

SPRING and Bing are siblings. Spring likes to hang out with Waterford the pig.

SUNNY is a beautiful orange cat. She lives in the residence. Friendly and always curious, Sunny enjoys sitting in someone's lap.

TIGER LILY came with Mia,

whose caretaker was moving and could not take the two cats.

TIKI is a playful feline. He travels throughout the farm and is very affectionate.

TRIXIE came from the Taunton shelter. No one wanted her and she brought to the farm for a permanent home.

MRS TURTLE came to the farm as a kitten. She lost his leg due to being hit by a car. She gets along quite well though.

VELCRO was one of six cats found thrown over the fence at the farm.

ZOE loves to be with the sheep and can often be found sleeping on their sheared wool.

FIGARO was born at the farm with Sage when their mother Serei was found abandoned at the farm.

SAGE was born at the farm with Figaro when their mother Serei was found abandoned at the farm.

ZIGGY came from the Boston area after his owner passed away. He is a cat that needed to be outdoors as well as in.

SEREI was thrown over the fence. She is the mother to Figaro and Sage.

FRIDAY was brought to the farm from the shelter because he could not adjust to living in a cage. He now has the freedom and room to  move.

FLUFFY could not be found a place in a shelter. His

owner said he was no longer

using his litter box and need-

ed to find him a home.

TIAGO was found starving and neglected by his owners.  He was living beneath a cottage next door and the owners had stopped feeding him. When his rescuer found him emaciated, she began feeding him twice day. When she was finally able to get him to a vet, he had to be put on an IV to give him fluids. Despite his rescuer's attempts to find him a home, no where could be found for him. Finally, Winslow Farm agreed to take him in. Tiago is now healthy, well cared for and enjoying his new home.

JASMINE was left in a cardboard box by the dumpster around closing time one night. Luckily two volunteers found her when they were leaving.

MERLIN was living at a daycare center. When he could no longer live there, he was brought to the farm. Merlin is a handsome, very friendly cat.

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