Jezebel came to Winslow Farms with Gracie, the goat. The person they lived with was away a great deal of the time and felt that the two animals were not getting enough attention. Jezebel has adapted to the farm and now enjoys the companionship of Stardust.



Stardust was bought from the Swansea Meat Auction where he was to become dog food. He was pulled with chains and beaten with sticks when he was led into the auction floor. He had a terrible case of Founder, caused by his former owners neglecting to hire a blacksmith to trim his hooves. His hooves had been curled up like elf shoes and it was very painful for him to walk. It took two years before he was able to walk comfortably again and he now lives a happy life at Winslow Farm.



Bianca arrived in 2014, with Scamp and Zorro. Their owner could no longer take of the three mini donkeys. It was clear they had been well loved. Bianca is the shyest of the three, but she has a sweet temperament.



Scamp arrived in 2014, with Zorro and Bianca. Scamp is Zorro's mother. Scamp has a very lovable and curious nature. She loves people.



Zorro arrived in 2014, with Scamp and Zorro. He is the son of the Scamp. Zorro also has a lovable temperament. He likes spending time with his mother and traveling throughout the farm.

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