Apache being only a few months old, was found wandering on Route 140 in Norton. She was brought to Winslow Farms and although she was initially very shy around people, she now has adapted to her new home. She can often be found tagging along after Jackson. Apache recently has grown very found of Gulliver.


Sparkle was originally purchased from an auction, but was left mostly uncared for. She was one of the few surviving goats left. The others had died from starvation and neglect. Sparkle is a little Nigerian dwarf goat. If left for another three weeks in her current situation she would have starved. She was happily rescued and brought to the farm.


Pan came to the farm at three and a half months. He arrived with Pedro. They were living in a non zoned area and needed a new home. Pan and Pedro enjoy
the company of all the goats.


Eustice is a lovable black and white goat. When he was very young, he loved to jump on things and that included the horse at his former home. He was severely disciplined by his caretaker. Fearful for him, the wife smuggled Eustice out and gave him to Debra White, owner of Winslow Farm. Free from restrictions, Eustice could be found on top of the barn, sheds and anything else he could find.


Pedro came to the farm at four and a half months.  He arrived with Pan. They were living in a non zoned area and needed a new home. Pedro is very friendly and loves being with people.


Gulliver a large Toggenburg goat, was running loose in Middleboro for almost 6 months. One day he saw his reflection in a glass door. He smashed into the door breaking the glass. During his rescue, he was very upset, reared up, fell and broke his horn. He was brought to the Animal Rescue League of Boston to heal. The Rescue began the process of regaining his trust and was very successful with Gulliver. He arrived with Athena, the sheep, in late February at the farm.


Holly, along with Blossom, her sister was rescued from very poor conditions. Both were suffering from malnutrition. They had lice and worms. They came to to farm at the age of 8 months. Holly was limping when she arrived at the farm. Holly rebounded quickly frolicking and playing with her new companion Acorn. Today Holly is thriving.


Blossom was in a far worse state than her sister, Holly. Blossom could not even walk when she arrived at the farm. It was touch and go for awhile. Slowly, but surely Blossom began to recover after receiving therapy for her legs, as well as lots of love and support. She enjoys following after her sister Holly and Acorn.



Acorn was rescued from an auction. She was adopted at the same time as Holly and Blossom. She is a very pretty goat and loves the companionship of Holly and Blossom. She is shy around people.


Justice is a feral Nubian cross goat. Justice was going to be barbecued behind someone’s house, until somehow she managed to escape. Someone contacted Debra White, the owner of Winslow Farm, shortly after Justice escaped. After many attempts, Debra eventually caught Justice, and brought him back home. Justice is still shy, but Winslow Farm is working with her slowly to gain her trust.


King and his brother Mervin, were young master escape artists. For their protection, after escaping one too many times, they came to live at Winslow Farm. They now have the freedom to roam the farm. When they first arrived they were inseparable, but they have since grown independent of one another. King often enjoys being out near the special needs barn with the horses.


Levi, a nubian goat, was rescued from a slaughter auction, destined for an Easter dinner. The baby goat had his horns burned. Many young goats suffer through this, then are slaughtered. Luckily Levi was rescued from this horrific fate. This handsome little fellow is enjoying life at the farm and has become friends with Rango.


Timatao is a young black goat. Originally rescued from slaughter, his new caretaker could not take care of him, so he found a new home at Winslow Farm. At the same time, his new friend Simon arrived. The two goats found a new foster dad in Gulliver.


Jackson was attacked by a dog and his leg was severely injured. It was thought that perhaps he would have to have the leg amputated. Miraculously, within a few short weeks after arriving at Winslow Farm with the injured leg in a cast, he was soon jumping and climbing around good as new. Jackson is handsome and very affectionate.


Milton, a young goat, was found near the Department of Conservation and Recreation at Blue Hills. He was rescused by the Milton Animal Control Officer. He was taken to the Milton shelter. After an examination, Milton was found to have an upper respiratory infection and running a high temperature. He was given treatment. After he improved, he was brought to the farm as a permanent resident. Milton has a lovable and sweet nature.


Rango, a nubian goat, was owned by an elderly person. Rango outgrew the shelter he was living in, which was an upside down file cabinet. He was developing knee issues because he was unable to get in and out of the shelter. It was decided he would be better off coming to Winslow Farm to enjoy larger accomdations and the companionship of other goats. He has become friendly with Levi, our other nubian goat.


Rosie is a Nigerian dwarf goat. Rosie spent the first two years of her life tied on a dog run. Tragically, there was an elder goat tied next to Rosie and when Rosie’s lead wrapped itself around the elder goat, it strangled her. The neighbors, fearful the same would happened to Rosie, due to lack of supervision, were instrumental in getting Rosie to Winslow Farm where she now runs freely.


Simon was found tethered to a short leash on someone’s property. Feeling badly for the four month old goat, some farm volunteers offered to pay the owner for the goat, along with a couple of hens. Thankfully, they were taken up on the offer and Simon was saved from slaughter.


Sunny was a gift for a woman who had cancer, whose one wish was to have a goat. Happily this woman is now in remission, but is now no longer in a position to care for this sweet little goat. Sunny is white and orange, a little bit shy.

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