Cloud Dancing was a surprise when Debra White, owner of Winslow Farm, came out one day and found this baby in the barn on June 11, 1999. Cloud is actually a mule and not a horse. Cloud’s mother is Stormy the horse and her father is Stardust the donkey. She is currently being trained for riding and has so far been a great success.



Echo is a miniature horse, who along with Goldust, lived under the deck of a house. Because their owners failed to provide them with adequate shelter, they were removed and came to live at Winslow Farms. Echo and Goldust have a son named Forest Moon who was born at Winslow Farm. The family now happily live together.



Forest Moon was born at Winslow Farm. Forest is the son of Echo and Goldust. He is also the father of Raven Moon. He is usually inseparable from his mother Echo but in the mornings he prefers the company of his father, Goldust. They run around the corral playing and will groom each other. Forest has inherited his dad’s mischeivous nature.



Golddust who lived under the deck of a house with Echo was hit by a truck (twice!) when the gate to his yard was left open. He received no medical attention until he and Echo were seized by the MSPCA and were then placed at Winslow Farm. He may be small but Goldust very much considers himself the man of the farm where the horses are concerned. He has a mischeivous character and enjoys playtime with both Spirit and his son, Forest.



Belle is a fourteen year old Hafflinger horse. The first four years of her life she worked as a plow horse in the Pennsylvania farm country. She was worked hard and because she was so young she developed tendon issues in her fetlocks and was sent to a slaughter house. Belle was then saved by a 14 year old, young man who eventually out grew her. Belle has had nine homes in her 14 years of life.  She is a very sweet horse and a beautiful addition to the herd.



Raven Moon is the daughter of Shep and Forest. She was born on April 19, 2003. She is the smallest of the miniature horses and as a result has acquired the nickname ‘Teaspoon’ by the volunteers. Raven has a gentle and sweet disposition.



Spirit was labeled as a troublesome horse because he bucked all riders. To prevent him from being shipped from stable to stable and suffering possible abuse, he was brought to live at Winslow Farm. Both Debra White, the owner and other volunteers have been able to ride Spirit without any problems. He has become the heart-throb of the farm. All the lady horses love Spirit. Although Spirit and Goldust fought when Spirit first arrived, they are now great play mates.



Stormy is a 19 year old Arab. She got her name because she was born during hurricane Gloria. Stormy has been at Winslow Farm since she was 5 years old. Debra White was given Stormy as a gift, and was the first horse at the farm when it opened. When Stormy was 13 years old she became pregnant with a mule, Cloud Dancing. That same year Stormy developed sand-colic. She was sent to Tufts University to receive a six hour long sand colic surgery. It took four years for her recovery.



Winter is a 17 year old pony who was adopted from the MSPCA.  She is a 12.5 hand pony with a flaxen main and tail. She enjoys spending time with Spirit and Belle. She was badly abused and not comfortable around people.

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