Koda is a white, Lionhead rabbit was accepted into the farm because he was fighting with the rabbits of his previous home. He now lives in a spacious environment where he can free range on the farm with his friends Cinnamon Bun and Cheeky! They can be seen hopping all the way to the sheep house where they love to visit to eat all the little hay pieces the sheep leave behind.



Cheeky is quite a bunny. He lives in the cat shelter with the cats. He is very curious and loves to play with the cats. Some of the cats enjoying playing with him too and some of the newly arrived cats aren't quite sure what to make of the friendly and playful rabbit. He hops up and down the ramps and usually can be found sleeping in the highest level of the shelter!



Cinnabon came from a shelter. He is a lovely tan bunny. He enjoys hopping around with his friend Koda. He lives with the llamas.

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