Daisy is the latest sheep to join the farm. Daisy was one of a herd of sheep belonging to an older man and his daughter. Sadly, the man recently died. Daisy was the last of the sheep left and the daughter was unable to handle her care. She is still shy, but is settling in with other sheep. Sturbridge, the youngest sheep, has become very friendly with her.



Lilly Rose was brought to Winslow Farm because her mother died when she was born. A Winslow Farm volunteer took her in and nursed the baby lamb until she was ready to join the other animals at the farm. Now fully grown, she still loves to run around and jump with the young volunteers.



Sturbridge's mother had two lambs and rejected Sturbridge from feeding. An agriculture student purchased him in an effort to save him from being slaughtered. He was bottle fed for the first 8 weeks of his young life. He is great friends with Cotton, a young goat, who was also saved from slaughter and arrived at the farm at the same time.

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