Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary


Established 1996 by Debra White, President and Founder


Located at 37 Eddy Street, Norton, MA 02766



Admission to Winslow Farm

$10.00 for adults,

$5.00 for children, under 2 are free.

Admission prices are subject to change for special events;

please contact Winslow Farm for more information.


Open 7 days a week

Hours 11:00am - 4:00pm


Winslow Farm is an active participant with the Network for Good and donations may be made securely through these offices or you may directly donate to Winslow Farm by clicking the donate button below.



Featured Animal of the Month

Lily Rose

Lilly Rose was brought to Winslow Farm because her mother died when she was born. A Winslow Farm volunteer took her in and nursed the baby lamb until she was ready to join the other animals at the farm. She loved to run around with and play with the young volunteers when she first came to the farm. Lily is the most adventurous of the sheep and likes to explore the farm when its quiet after visiting hours.

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